Direct game – 10 rules of direct game by Badboy, inventor of Direct Game


After listening, and reading all the bullshit about direct Game, I decided to sit down and write 10 Rules of Direct.

10 rules of Direct Game

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Awesome Summer Camp Testimonial

Three months are gone since summer camp. But I still remember every day like it was yesterday. Every part of it is now deep in my mind and control my life today. I think I will remember it for life time. Just two weeks – but they  changed over 20 years of my life. But let me start from the beginning, when the journey started.

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Matus Fed. Summer Camp Testimonial

Recently I thought to myself it would be great idea to remind me, how have my life changed after summer camp. How powerful positive effect it had on me. It influenced me a lot even before I put my foot on Croatian soil on the island of Pag to attend Badboy’s summer camp. As I want to stay on the right track and develop further, I will also mention details on how my life looked right after the camp and where I`m now. So here it is. My testimonial of Badboy’s summer camp 2013’
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Summer Camp- Explained ( video)

This video explains how I designed The Best training in the world. It took me almost 10 years to fine-tune format and logistics. Now we have an camp that produces Playboys.Logistics, Island, girls, sun, sea. Its all there… WATCH IT!
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Player Friday Tip Of The Week #2

Dancing the night away

I actually never talked about this ( besides on my Summer Camps) but Inner Game  – your thoughts and state of mind is crucial when you are about to do an approach. How you feel! Because that “how you feel” will be projected to the girl as soon as you approach her, and what’s even more important will set your state for whole interaction / conversation. Basically, you  come to her  with wrong energy / state you are fucked! So you have to learn how to control it.

Here is a very Powerful Sequence  that you can use to control your state before you go there. Read More

Keep your wardrobe clean and simple

Friends in hookah room

I know that most men don’t really care about what they ware. The only thing they care about is feeling good in what they ware. While this can be good if you are hanging around other men it lowers your chances with women. Read More

Player Friday Tip of The Week #1:

Ethnic striper woman in red seducing businessman

Best used when you know that she has a boyfriend or when she sees you as a Boyfriend Material and wants to date you forever… but you just want to fuck her. Once the conversation starts use something like this. Read More

Don’t Hold Back Your Winning Mentality



They say that having a winning mentality is what matters in life. There are some that would argue that and at first they might have some valid arguments. They would say that winners have talent, luck, money and that not all people are born winners. That is definitely not the case with women. When it comes to women having and keeping a winning mentality is everything. Read More

5 rules of a Perfect Date


Dating Ideas & structure
Free styling on a date, will usually lead towards really bad Date!
Date has to be properly planned and structured, but still from her eyes has to look spontaneous and cool.

I will give you my structure that got me more girls that you can imagine. Read More

Fall in Love too quick?



man-in-loveIf you are one of those guys, you have to stop it as soon as possible.
You know the story… You date some girl, and maybe you have an sex or two, and you start loving her.. you fall in Love!! The moment that happens, relationship is over. She may stay with you for some time, but you lost all Attraction, you lost her… Its an point with no return. This is the fastest way to lose a girl.  Girls will puke on that.They feel sick of it.  The moment you fall in love, the fun part of dating is over.
The Relationship has to slowly progress deeper, but it can never, never be you who falls in love first! This is very well known amongst all true Man, all over planet.
Its an Code of Man!
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