Club Game Module

Your Total Club Game

Inside you will get

  • Club Game from A-Z

  • Whole Direct & Natural Game

  • 10 poweful Direct openers

  • Dirty talk technique with lines for each body part

  • What to talk ub clubs

  • How to prepare yourself before going out to clubs and bars (Inner Game)

  • Easy tricks how to make your openers more sexual

  • How to recognize horny girls

  • How to mix Comfort with Sexual escalation to get her panties wet in 10 minutes

  • Dance floor techniques

  • Step by step guide how to approach groups of 2 girls, 3 girls, mixed group

  • Isolation tactics (isolating her away from her friends)

  • How to choose strategies for converting her to girlfriend/one night stand or instafuck

  • Step by step guide how to approach groups of 2 girls, 3 girls, mixed group

  • 3 strategies for Befriending her friends

  • Mindset and techniques for Going out alone (how not to feel awkward)

  • Practice toolbox for handling their shit tests (full list of most common shit tests and perfect responses)

  • Dressing style for clubs

  • What perfumes to choose for clubs and how to apply perfumes in a most effective way

  • How to have most Alpha Body-language in clbs (how to stand, walk, and look confident)

  • Ways to handle mixed groups and steal girls from other guys

  • How to lead and move girls around club without any resistence

  • Easy Strategy guide on how to plan your logistics, and her home from club in shortest time possible (even if you leave far away)

  • How to educate your wingman

  • Playing the game your wingman

  • Strategies for Wingman game (for each group scenario)

  • 5 easy kiss closes for clubs

  • 4 Badboy Missions to boost your game and internalize learned knowledge

  • 1h of infield video clubs from Clubs and bars (Watch the asters of game pull girls from clubs) HD quality

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook community, where you can ask questions, stay in touch with Instructors, Badboy and other players.

  • 1 year of Live Monthly Webinars, where badboy analyzes your game, and keeps track of your progress.

  • Invitation to Live Badboy Exclusive events around the world.

  • 50% discount coupons for any other modules

And much, much more...

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