Conversational Skills

Fix your conversations
once forever!

Inside you will get

  • Learn powerful Natural way of talking with girls

  • Badboy’s Wide & Deep conversational structure to never run out of things to say

  • How to stop asking too many questions in conversation and replace with stories

  • 5 ways that to improve your Storytelling instantly

  • Learn how to create and structure your stories

  • Technique to create your own material “on fly”

  • You will get 8 topics that girls love to talk about

  • Learn how to make your conversation more Emotional

  • Full lists of shit-tests and how to answer them

  • How to avoid auto-pilot boring conversations

  • Master art of “Small talk”

  • Learn how to write your stories

  • Ways to make your conversation interesting

  • 3 possible types of conversation - choose the right one

  • “TeacherFrame” Techniques - teach her things and get attraction

  • “FuturePlans” Techniques - A smooth way to project future with her and not be needy

  • Shit-tests practice video ( girls testing you video)

  • “PacingHerBelief Technique” - make her feel like she knows you for years

  • How to make her learn things about you

  • 3 Mental games you can play to spice up your conversation

  • easy conversational tricks to get her horny and turned on during conversation

  • 5 Improvisational exercise’s to make your conversations smooth and natural

  • “Reward & Punishments” Techniques to teach her how to behave with you

  • Push pull lines and challenges to make her chase you

  • How to develop good sense for humor

  • Ways to destroy her Bitch-shield

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook community, where you can ask questions, stay in touch with Instructors, Badboy and other players.

  • 1 year of Live Monthly Webinars, where badboy analyzes your game, and keeps track of your progress.

  • Invitation to Live Badboy Exclusive events around the world.

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