Dating & Relationship

Complete Mastery of
Dating and Relationships

Inside you will get

  • Full list and breakdown of places where you should take girls to

  • How to structure your dates ( Logistics & timing)

  • Texting templates and how to set up a date over text

  • 2 easy ways to get them home after date

  • Conversational mind games to play during date to get them horny and thinking about sex with you

  • How to get her to cook for you at your place on a first date

  • How to save money during dates and trick to get them pay for dates

  • 7 Places that you should never take them to on a date

  • 10 Must-Have things in your place when you bring girl to your place

  • Sexy Playlists for a date at your place

  • List of movies to play during date

  • When to sexually escalate during date

  • Where to hide condoms at your place

  • 3x 10min easy recipes what to cook for her

  • First Sex and importance of relationship framing

  • Expectation management and Relationship management

  • When to talk about your relationship

  • “Worst boyfriend Technique” for setting up open relationships

  • Easy way to set up an Fuck-buddy open relationship

  • How to be honest and not hurt their feelings

  • Perfect way to convert any girl into your long-term girlfriend and how to keep her happy for years

  • Formula to make her fall in love with you in just 2 weeks

  • 7 steps to win over her friends and family

  • How to Train your girlfriend to be good girlfriend ( cook for you, be faithful, good sex .. etc), what every guy should know about

  • Bulletproof formula for Harem management, how to date multiple girls and they know for each other

  • Master the art of clean breaking up

  • Step by step plan how to survive being dumped

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook community, where you can ask questions, stay in touch with Instructors, Badboy and other players.

  • 1 year of Live Monthly Webinars, where badboy analyzes your game, and keeps track of your progress.

  • Invitation to Live Badboy Exclusive events around the world.

  • 50% discount coupons for any other modules

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