Summer Camp

The Most Complete Training Ever

1:2 student ratio

We have best Student/Instructor ratio, 1:2 for all Infield sessions. Our Instructors available for you whenever you need them during day/night.

14 Days Training

14 days / 24 hours per day. This is the most complete and extreme training on Planet. Our job is to transform you into a Playboy.

Package Holidays

We are organizing everything for you, so you can fully focus only on one thing : Getting girls!

Jul 20th - Aug 3rd

Croatia , Island of Pag

Time left to change your life, forever:
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The Best & Wildest Seduction Training in World

What can you Expect?

The Best, The Wildest Seduction Program on Planet. 2 full weeks of total Playboy Training, Full of Sex and Fun. You will be trained on hottest and most beautiful girls on Planet. This is the only training that goes 24hours per day, 2 weeks in row. Two weeks - One Mission, to seduce as many girls as possible. We give you the tools , and teach you how to use them then we watch you using them and perfect your skills so you can have repeatble results.

What Will you Learn?

You will learn everything you will ever need in your life to seduce hot girls.t. From meeting girls and having fun & playfull conversation, to seducing them, dating, same night lays, InstaFucks, 3somes to finding an Girlfriend and maintaining long term relationships. We will teach you all of it. We will work with you individually on your fears, problems, sticking points. You will be trained for any possible situation in life that can happen : streets, cafes, malls, beach, parks, pubs, bars, clubs....We will turn you into a confident,powerful man.After this training you won’t have problems with girls anymore. Girls will have problems with you.

The 14 days you will never forget!

How Many Participants?

There will be 30-40 participants and 18 Instructors. Participants will be divided into 4 smaller groups by their skill level( 10students per group). Since we have 18 World’s Best Instructors working in 2 shifts we can guarantee 2:1 Student/ Instructor ratio on each Infield Session. Each day you will have group session with Badboy, and Individual In-field training with Instructors. On Bonus nights you will have opportunity to go out with Badboy personally.

Will this work back home?

Yes, Yes, Yes ...Girls behave same way everywhere on Planet. We will teach you how to talk to them, to seduce them. You will learn techniques and Principles that you can use anywhere on planet.This is not just an party place, Island has small towns, where we will teach you all possible “normal life” scenarios. The moment you learn how girls think/ work / operate, you will be able to take that knowledge home and use it whenever you need it. So, yes all techniques you learn on summer camp will work at home, and you won’t forget them that easily. Its like driving a car, You learn once, and you are fine for rest of your life.

Island of Pag

How does the training looks like?

Each day you will have 3-4 Training sessions. Day starts with Morning Debriefing by Badboy where you will analyze last night performance and get newest tactics, strategies installed into your brain. Rest of the day you will spend applying newly gained knowledge on several In-field sessions monitored by our Top instructors. Each day we will focus on different area of the your seduction skills, and you will be trained on variety of environments such as Beach, street, cafe's, bars, nightclubs, lounge bars.

About Island

Unique for its lace tradition, excellent lamb and cheese specialties, the scent of sage and for the island's stone surface resembling the Moon, UFO landing site, beautiful scenery... Beautiful island located in Adriatic sea. But that’s not the reason why we are taking you there. In last 10 years it became one of best party locations in Europe. Thousands of hot & horny girls from all over Europe go there to search for their summer Adventure. If you like hot slim Eastern European girls, this is a place for you.

Nutrition & Physical Training

Physical Training

Being in a good shape and having an good energy is important for good sex life and life in general. Our trainers job is to prepare you Mentally & Physically for hardest seduction challenges. A seducer has to be in a good physical shape. Our PT Team will make you stronger, get you in shape, get your energy up and boost your Testosterone levels. Training is not mandatory, and our team will be available for Individual sessions during the day.

Nutrition & Food

Food = Energy. You will get all the knowledge about how and what to eat , maintain good energy during day, stay healthy, have a better sex drive, maintain Testosterone levels.. etc. in one word - Badboy’s Diet. Our fitness team will work with you Individually and if you desire create an private diet plan that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

The Final Step - Bungee Jumping

Why Bungee?

You want to end your summer with style? We are taking you to coolest bungee jumping spot in Europe. Jumping from 50meters tall bridge into a clear blue sea will give you an Ultimate rush of Adrenaline and Confidence. This experience and skills you learned on camp will stick on you for rest of your life. Bungee is not Mandatory, we are only taking guys who are ready for it.

What Is Included?

We created an Ultimate Package that includes everything you may need. Bus Transportation to Island and back : Zagreb- Island Pag Party Bracelets - All clubs and parties will be free for you 2 weeks Accommodation in Private Apartments in our Villa Big Buffett Breakfast each morning in Hotel next door 14 days / 24 hours training per day from Badboy and his team LifeTime membership to World Of Badboy's Condoms, Manuals, Viagra, and everything else you may need for Best Summer Ever. This Experience you won’t forget for rest of your life.

Summer Camp - App

Monitor your daily progress

We are adding a power of technology to Summer Camp. After each training session you will be able to track your success and progress on your cellphone. As well of all other players. Badboy and Instructors will monitor your performance on daily basis. If any of players is behind the learning curve, additional sessions and interventions will be performed. This way we will have full control over each of players Transformation and success.

What's in the Summer Camp App?

Summer Camp App is created to help you with Logistics and make your life easier during camp. You will be able to communicate with other players ( inside messaging), as well ask for help from instructors, have access to personalized Daily Agenda, maps of clubs, beaches and training spots, Summer Camp challenge game, where you will have missions and tasks to accomplish. Players toolbox with directory of all openers, lines, tests, dirty talks and everything else to make your life easier. Book your seat, download app and pack your bags.

Meet Core of the Team


Johnny is a badass. Ex military, a great friend and a dangerous adversary. If he wore suits more often, he could be confused for James Bond. The hottest women regularly follow him around.


A Master of Disaster. Nightclubs are his living room, and his bedroom is not far. Fearless fighter in the ring. A king of Sexual Escalation.


Igor is the prototype of a adventurous guy most women dream of. He likes hot female bodies and stylish motorcycles. One of a kind.


A gentleman and a seducer, his strongpoint is a daygame and dating models. He is one of the new additions to Badboylifestyle team.


A refined and educated Badboy. The new powerhouse from South America. Women check him from under their sunglasses as he is walking the beach. He loves to teach.


A sophisticated guy with deadly charm. While living a playboy life he is teaching 1x1 trainings almost every week. He takes a lot of care of his students.


As one of the best students of a summer camp he deserved to become a Badboylifestyle instructor. Watch this guy because he has a lot of potential.


Smooth by nature, wicked by soul. Charming but kinky, he is specialized in South Asian and mixed exotic girls, usually models. He has developed a special game for Asian guys interested in European girls.


Legend of the Game. Inventor of "Direct Game". His passion in teaching, and extraordinary understanding of female mind makes him one of the best players and teachers on planet.

BadBoy Lifestyle - No1 PUA company in the World


What is Included into Package

    We created an Ultimate Package that includes everything you may need to have Best Experience Ever.

  • Bus Transportation to Island and back :  Zagreb- Island Pag
  • Party Bracelets -Entry to all clubs and parties
  • 2 weeks Accommodation in Apartments in our Villa
  • Buffet Breakfast each morning in hotel next door
  • 14 days / 24 hours training per day from Badboy and his team
  • Lifetime membership to World Of Badboy's community
  • Condoms, Manuals, Viagra...
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3500 €

Additional Cost

In order to make it easier for you to calculate your budget for Summer Camp, we have listed all additional costs that you may have on island.

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