Fuck Buddy Relationships

Hey, lots of guys are recently asking me to explain how to set up an Fuckbuddy relationship with a girl(no -strings attached). It seems to be more and more popular, so here it is for you guys

fuck buddy relationships

What Is an Fuck buddy relationship?

Its very simple, You keep an girl for sex purpose only. Fuck friends or as girl love to call it ” Fuck Buddy”

Average length  of Fuck Buddy relationship : 1-6months.

It can be shorter and longer, but after some time girl wil start looking from you  for something more serious and if you don’t want to provide it she will move on. Lot’s of girls accept Fuck buddy  of relationship hoping one day she will convert you to full time Boyfriend. And that’s totally normal and understandable. When that happens you simply find new  fuck buddy.


Rules how to create an  Fuck Buddy  relationship :

1)Everything starts with first time you have sex. Instead projecting lots of  “long term relationship” signals( cuddle,pillow-talk, taking care of her…) you skip all of it and  frame it as an Adventure.  You should fulfill her fantasy. You should be her sex god!

Girls today don’t want to complicate their life with serious boyfriends ( either they dont have time or they are not ready for it), but they miss sex from relationships. And that’s exactly what you provide – Sex with no complications – you should be her ideal Fuck buddy.


2) Give her amazing time in bed. Make sure she cum’s. Fullfil her dreams with a time. ask her what she never did and she wanted.


3)  Sex Positions are very important, do not let her get attached to you emotionally. Her Emotions will make things complicated. So use positions with no eye-contact (Doggy), and minimise skin-skin contact.

Avoid cuddle time in bed. If you have to do it, give minimum of it.

Cuddle will increase emotional bond to you. And then she will want more then just to be “fuck buddy’s”

4) Be Honest! Iron is shaped when its hot!

After one or two meetings with her tell her :

“Look, I  have to be honest with you, because I am not sure what your expectations are and I don’t want to hurt you. Look,  I really enjoy being with you, I love every moment we spend together, you are exactly girl I am looking for, but I have to be honest with you, I recently got out from long-term relationship and I am not ready for one more relationship Right now. Jumping from relationship to relationship is not heathy,  But that doesn’t mean I dont want to see you, opposite I so want to see you, I want to be with you but I just don’t want from us to be called ” boyfriend/Girlfriend”. I would love to be your boyfriend, but I cannot play that role right now. So I wonder can we stay “friends” like we are right now. I would really love that.

Say it in a nice smooth way like this and she will agree 100%. “Fuck buddy” talk is important.


5) Time management – Be busy

Don’t  ge her used to see you more then 2x per week. Be busy, have life, date other girls if you want, but do not get her used to spend too much time with you. Because you will fall into Monogamous relationship zone.


Fuck Buddy relationship is relationship based on Sex an Sex only. You meet have a coffee, tea, and you have sex, after it she goes home.Everything more than that will send relationship signals, and  it may complicate pure Fuck buddy relationship.


6) Expect  Relationship talk once a month

Expect and be ready once a month to have a “relationship” talk. She will expect an Upgrade from Fuck buddy to Primary Girlfriend, and usually they behave  like you never talked about it. We call this “Reboot” Here you have to stay calm, and remind her that you like how things are and you do not want to be in one more relationship, and give her talk from beginning.


7) Give her good sex  and she will keep coming back for more!You have to understand fuck buddy status is not permanent  It want stay forever. Girls are genetically programmed to search for that one guy who they will spend rest of their life with, so after few months, maybe an year  they will start asking for more from you or they will start looking for a proper boyfriend/husband. So Fuck buddy is an period of girls life.






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