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We are living in fast times. Social changes affected every aspect of our life’s. Getting sex is easier and harder then ever.

Old ways do not apply any more – welcome to the new world. Guys do not know how to behave like a real man anymore. They feel insecure in the presence of hot women, they are victimized by media and as a result, they feel too guilty to follow their natural desires. Man are turning into pussies.

They are afraid to approach attractive women and they don’t know what to talk about with them. Under relentless attacks by extreme feminism, stupid romantic comedies, and confused but bossy women, the real men are disappearing. As a result, every generation of men and woman is more unhappy then the last one. This trend needs to be stopped!

Our mission is to show and teach every man on this planet what is his role and how to get abundance of women. We, the men of the world, have the right to be happy.

Taking control in every situation should be natural for you. Giving adventure to your women should be easy and pleasant.

Our task is to give balls back to mankind.

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