Best used when you know that she has a boyfriend or when she sees you as a Boyfriend Material and wants to date you forever… but you just want to fuck her. Once the conversation starts use something like this.

Easy way to turn girl into a Fuck Buddy

“Look, I can feel you start to see me as a Boyfriend Material, but I have to be honest with you… I am the WORST boyfriend on the planet. I will lie to you, I will cheat on you, I will have fun with your friends, I will try to set up 3 somes with your friends…I will try to make you Bisexual.”

Make sure you deliver it with a smile on your face. Basically, count all bad habits of a boyfriend. Things they hate, and link it to yourself. You don’t even have to worry, she wont believe you whatever you say. You can add some more for better effect.

“I will forget your Birthday, I won’t return your phone calls, I won’t call you for days… Look I am the worst boyfriend ever. I am on pills, I visit my shrink every day… I destroy all my relationships… I simply cant do it. Sorry, BUT I am lot of FUN, In fact , we can go out have FUN, and find a GOOD boyfriend for you…We will find you a guy who is good, because I can recognize bad guys like me…”

That’s it.

Really easy and simple way to turn a girl in to a Fuck Buddy. I will write a free tip every week to help you guys out. In the mean time if you have any questions or need help with a specific situation you can send it to me b using our new Facebook app and I will analyze one situation every week.

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