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Badboy is World’s best dating and Lifestyle coach. Inventor of Direct and Natural Game. In last 15 years he coached more then 10.000 man all over world. His understanding of female mind and and his gift for teaching has never seen before. He is an inventor, writter, seducer. Keep him away from your wife’s, girlfriends…

Club Game

How to Choose the Right Opener in 5 Simple Steps

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Opener is the first sentence that comes out from your mouth towards the girl that you like and we use it to start the conversation. As I told you in the […]


How to 3X Your Chances With Girls

CATEGORY: Club Game, Day Game, Intermediate| Daniel Mercy

You probably happened to bump into this situation at one point in your life. You go out to a club or bar or even for a short walk in the […]


The Truth About Shit Tests

CATEGORY: Club Game, Conversational Skills, Day Game, Intermediate| Daniel Mercy

Shit Test is a term in the seduction community for the tests that girls put you through. Girls will always test you, they have to, this is their way to […]


Buy her a drink or not?

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Being good in the game or good with women includes a skill of being good at reading between lines, aka things she is not saying or things she would like to say but she can’t because of social programming. They are playing the Socially indirect game because they are restricted by society. Fear control. If she shows too much interest or sexually too open she will be labeled as a slut or easy. None of the girls want something like that. Therefore they play dating game in “gloves”.



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