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Badboy is World’s best dating and Lifestyle coach. Inventor of Direct and Natural Game. In last 15 years he coached more then 10.000 man all over world. His understanding of female mind and and his gift for teaching has never seen before. He is an inventor, writter, seducer. Keep him away from your wife’s, girlfriends…

Inner Game

Nice guy syndrome explained by Badboy

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Having a Nice guy syndrome can be a pain in the ass if you want success in life. Most guys are trained by society, parents, and school to be polite, […]


Buy her a drink or not?

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Being good in the game or good with women includes a skill of being good at reading between lines, aka things she is not saying or things she would like to say but she can’t because of social programming. They are playing the Socially indirect game because they are restricted by society. Fear control. If she shows too much interest or sexually too open she will be labeled as a slut or easy. None of the girls want something like that. Therefore they play dating game in “gloves”.


Seduction V2.0 – change of mindset

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My frame of mind ( attitude) on approaching changed and I immediately saw an increase in my results and response from the women. It went from Let’s try to have sex with her to 
“Let’s make her life better”. Let’s see can we create some amazing fun together. Let’s enjoy this world, this night together. Let me place a smile on her face. Let’s create an adventure that we both will enjoy.


The Wildest Experience of my Life – Ayahuasca

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Ayahuasca gives you the ability to fly out of your body up there (Astral) and talk, communicate with other Spirits, souls, visit different dimensions, approach different civilizations… etc. It’s like your best personal SF movie (on steroids). Exchange knowledge with them, learn from them…. As I said, I wasn’t ready for this part of Ayahuasca. I heard things about it, I read about it, but I was like.. yea right.. Until it happened to me.. I was like ” ok, this is real”.. I learned the rules of the Astral game very fast



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